We are proud to have opened our doors in June 2017 in Frederick, boasting exclusive saltwater livestock and supplies, specialized expertise virtually unheard of in the area, and the backing of other authorities in the aquarium-keeping industry.        

Paul Mangus, the owner of Fintastic Aquariums of Frederick, became involved in saltwater aquariums as a hobbyist, over 20 years ago. He understands the passion of hobbyists and the need to serve the Frederick area. “Even after 20 years of experience, I still get excited when I see aquariums while traveling,” he says. “I know how intimidating it can be for new hobbyists just getting into aquarium keeping, so I try to make it as easy as possible for them. Through my experience I have seen just about every kind of setup there is and can help trouble-shoot some of the most challenging issues that may come up”. Paul is extremely enthusiastic about the opening of this new store. He says, “I’m ready to showcase what we have to offer and give our customers the most affordable and best quality livestock that they’ll find anywhere. We plan to be the favorite saltwater aquarium store in the DC metro area.”       
Fintastic Aquariums of Frederick joins Fintastic Aquariums of Jensen Beach (Florida) and Fintastic Aquariums of Wake County (North Carolina) in providing exceptional value and specialized knowledge of the industry. While each store has its own look and feel, customers will benefit from the combined experience of the entire Fintastic team. With a marine biologist on staff hand-selecting livestock, customers will receive the healthiest species available. Due to the high volume of all three stores, prices will be much lower than any other shops in the area.


- Fully stocked retail store with thousands of fish, coral, and inverts
-Knowledgeable and friendly staff 
-Custom aquarium consultation
-Expert troubleshooting advice for the novice and expert alike
-Aquarium maintenance services for existing aquarium set-ups
-Serve both commercial and residential customers
- New tank installation and set-up
-Weekly or monthly maintenance available

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1713 Rosemont Ave
Suite C
Frederick, Maryland 21702


Bi-Color Angel $28
Eiblii Angel $36
Flagfin Angel $60
Flame Angel $60
Flameback Angel $50
Half-Black Angel $28
Rusty Angel $30
Singapore Angel $30
Yellow Angel $30
Dispar Anthias $28
Male Lyretail Anthias $34
Tricolor Anthias $26
Twinspot Bimaculatus Anthias $60
Strawberry Basslet 
Algae Blenny $12
Bi Color Blenny $18
BiCOlor Basslet $14
Black Cap Basslet $48
Strawberry Basslet $16
Midas Blenny $50
Red Scooter Blenny $24
Smiths Blenny $28
Citron Butterfly $35
Sm. Copperband Butterfly $32
Four Eye Butterfly $24
Bi Color Chromis $10
Green Chromis $6
Small Clarki Clowns $15
Pink Skunk Clown $18
Small Tomato Clowns $15
S&R Black and White Darwin Clown $30
S&R Longfin Black Ice Clowns $260
S&R Maine Mocha Clown $25
S&R Onyx Clowns $40
S&R Platinum Clowns $40
S&R Snowflake Clown $40
S&R White Stripe Maroon Clown Pair $70
S&R Wyoming White Clown $40
S&R Wyoming White ClownPair$100
Blue Damsel $6
Domino Damsel $6
Royal Damsel $10
Sergeant Major Damsel $6
Three Stripe Damsel $6
Yellow Tail Blue Damsel $6
Neon Dottyback $34
Green File Fish $20
Foxface $40
Engineer Goby $8
African Aurora Goby $42
Diamond Goby $22
Engineer Goby $
Firefish Goby $14
Mandarin Goby $20
Orange Spotted Shrimp Goby $24
Scissor Tail Goby $18
Steinitz Shrimp Goby $18
Two-Stripe Sleeper Goby $34
Wheelers Prawn Goby $18
Yellow Clown Goby $10
Yellow Watchman Goby $14
Royal Gramma $20
Blue Line Grouper $90
Spotted Hawkfish $20
Diana Hogfish $35
Lg. Red Volitan Lionfish $80
Mono $18
XLG. Green Parrot Fish $300
Banded Pipefish $30
Med. Dogface Puffer $50
Lg. Dogface Puffer $60
Short Nose Toby Puffer $24
Valentini Puffer $24
T.R. Erectus Seahorse $50
T.R. Kuda Seahorse $100
Blue Eye Kole Tang $40
Sm. Blue Hippo Tang $55
Med Blue Hippo Tang $80
Med. Clown Tang $42
Large Clown Tang $60
Sm. Convict Tang $30
Med. Conict Tang $34
Lg. Desjardini Sailfin Tang $85
Gem Tang $700
Half Black Mimic Tang $36
Hawaiin Kole Tang $50
Lavender Tang $35
Powder Blue Tang $60
Powder Brown Tang $40
Medium Purple Tang $160
Large Purple Tang $180
Small Sailfin Tang $35 
Yellow Mimic Tang $32
Small Yellow Tang $50
Med. Yellow Tang $55
Large Yellow Tang $80
 Sailfin Tang $32
Scopas Tang $38
Sohol Tang $190
Blue Throat Female Trigger $40
Carpenters Flasher Wrasse $28
Cleaner Wrasse $20
Exquisite Wrasse $50
Green Fin Fairy Wrasse $32
Leopard Wrasse $32
Melanarus Wrasse $34
Orange Back Fairy Wrasse $50
Pink Margin Fairy Wrasse $60
Temnick’s Fairy Wrasse$50
Rosy Scales Fairy Wrasse $80
Sailfin Fairy Wrasse $80
Social Fairy Wrasse $34
Tahitian Cleaner Wrasse $80
Sm. Tomini Tang $45
Med. Tomini Tang $60
Sixline Wrasse $22
Whipfin Fairy Wrasse $40
Yellow Coris Wrasse $18
Yellow Flanked Fairy Wrasse $45

Ultra Rock Flower Anemone $40
Bubble Tip Anemone $30
Rose Bubbletip Anemones $80
Arrow Crab $10
Porcelain Crab $10
Feather Dusters $12
Yellow Finger Gorgonian $25
Fire Shrimp $30
Harlequin Shrimp $34
Peppermint Shrimp $6
Sexy Shrimp $10
Skunk Cleaner Shrimp $25
Sea Cucumbers $8
Blue Leg Hermit Crab $1
Emerald Crab $6
Pom Pom Crab $15
Blue Leg Hermits $1
Scarlet Hermits $3.25
Astrea Snail $1
Margarita Snails $1
Mexican Turbo Snail $3
Nassarius Snail $3
Lg. Star Snails $2.50
Trochus Snail $3
Chocolate Chip Stars $12
Pink Star $24